The Year in Pictures 2004
Ed Cabic

100_1167 100_1331
Randy at the Nick's Riverside Grill Randy and Me
100_1334 100_1352
Eric gets his groove on Mom's new puppy
100_1359 100_1403
The Lincoln Memorial (and Memorial Bridge) Steve and Terry
100_1454 100_1465
Spring at Dupont Circle The March for Women's Lives
100_1496 100_1512
Will West gets down The Washington Monument from the WWII Memorial
100_1526 100_1542
Dan graduating Dan Graduates!
100_1564 100_1599
The Space Shuttle Enterprise Mayhem at the Andrew W.K. Show at 9:30
100_1608 100_1615
Cicadas! Big Unit pitching at the Yard
100_1617 100_1623
Dan thinks ... Yoni and his cousin
100_1627 100_1659
Randy and friends at open mic night Becky and Me at the Yard
100_1708 100_1738
Jim, Alissa, Joanna, Andy, and Devendra playing together in Baltimore Sunset at Ocracoke
100_1764 100_1809
A Capital Fourth Me at the WBAL 11 News Desk
100_1822 100_1826
Chris at Front Page Fountains of Wayne Live on Penn
100_1840 100_1851
They Might Be Giants Live on Penn Amanda and Me
100_1900 100_1923
A Crocodile at the National Aquarium A Dolphin in flight at the National Aquarium
100_2005 100_2018
The Apple Butter Festival on Skyline Drive Amanda at Shenandoah National Park
100_2171 100_2184
Luke of Stroke 9 at the 9:30 Vertical Horizon at the 9:30
100_2194 101_1020
Four WVBR General Managers Ben's Chili Bowl
101_1048 101_1055
Three Days Grace at the 9:30 Mom with her new puppy
101_1070 101_1085
Woodley Park Metro Escalator The Crystal Method at 9:30
101_1090 IMGP0565
The Crowd at the Crystal Method show at 9:30 Celebrating the New Year on the Carnival Paradise
IMGP0585 IMGP0610
The Carnival Paradise Punta Langosta on Cozumel
IMGP0639 IMGP0649
Me in front of Carlos and Charlie's Me with a yard of ale (of sorts)
IMGP0704 IMGP0744
Birthday Cake Paris in Las Vegas
IMGP0756 IMGP0773
Fountain Show at the Bellagio in Vegas The Luxor, Las Vegas
IMGP0803 IMGP0804
New York, New York in Las Vegas IN-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas
IMGP0839 IMGP0860
Rosie, Terry, and Pete Randy and Me at the Madhatter
IMGP0870 IMGP0904
The Black Cat Fountains of Wayne
IMGP0909 IMGP0921
Randy at the Madhatter Chris and Eric enjoy some refreshment
IMGP0925 IMGP0926
Eric and Me at Madhatter Me and AJ at Madhatter
IMGP0927 IMGP0943
Jeff and Me at Madhatter An Evening at Metro
IMGP1109 IMGP1162
Death Cab for Cutie at 9:30 Liz Phair at 9:30
IMGP1202 IMGP1203
Chris Contemplates ... Shock and Awe at Clarendon Grill
IMGP1205 IMGP1326
Me at Clarendon Grill Joe and Thom of the Pernice Brothers
IMGP1330 IMGP2256
Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers Limber setting up the dive gear
IMGP2304 IMGP2311
Snorkelers at the Coral Princess John and Joey at Thanksgiving
Mikayla at Thanksgiving