The Year in Pictures
Ed Cabic

111-1162_IMG 112-1206_IMG
Christmas at Mom's (2002-3) The WVBR transmitter site ... with snow!
112-1209_IMG 112-1270_IMG
The Skits-O-Phrenics on my show at VBR Two GMs at a VBR Party
112-1300_IMG 113-1325_IMG
Tegan and Sara at Bailey Hall Ben Folds at Bailey Hall
113-1328_IMG 113-1341_IMG
A Tower Sunset Matt at Slope Day
113-1342_IMG 113-1345_IMG
It is Slope Day and I've got drink tickets! Abby and Me at the VBR Banquet
113-1346_IMG 113-1351_IMG
Matt makes a speech at the VBR Banquet Me accepting a bottle of Champagne at the VBR Banquet
113-1374_IMG 113-1378_IMG
The View from Fall Creek Bridge The Cornell suspension bridge during the Summer
113-1384_IMG 113-1385_IMG
Eric at a party during senior week Andre and Paul at Dinos, Senior Week
113-1386_IMG 113-1390_IMG
Me and Jen after a night of partying during senior week The crowds and the chaos that is senior week
114_1492 114_1496
Norah right after the wedding Newlyweds McGurk and Norah
114-1403_IMG 114-1404_IMG
Eric doing a solo with Last Call Eric and a friend at senior week
114-1409_IMG 114-1411_IMG
Senior Week Craziness Eric and Me at Senior Week
114-1413_IMG 114-1426_IMG
Foster at Senior Week Eric and John Belina at Graduation
114-1427_IMG 114-1437_IMG
Me getting ready to graduate Me at Graduation
114-1448_STE 114-1451_IMG
The crowd at graduation Woohoo! I graduated!
115_1521 115_1524
McGurk and Norah cutting wedding cake Dan at the Main Line John Harvard's outside Philly
115_1525 115_1528
Me at the Main Line John Harvard's outside Philly Ballgame at the Vet
115_1531 115_1547
Me at Veterans Stadium in Philly Me and Chris at the Yankees Game
115_1555 115_1560
Fun at the ballpark Me and Chris at the O's-Yanks game
115_1562 115_1571
A little post-game refreshment after O's-Yanks Eric, getting ready for the Buzzcocks and Pearl Jam
115_1587 115_1588
Me at Pearl Jam Me and Terry at Pearl Jam
116_1612 116_1620
Me and Eric at Pearl Jam Me, rocking out at Pearl Jam
116_1625 116_1628
Terry strikes a pose after the Pearl Jam concert Mom on the 4th of July at John Harvard's, DC
116_1630 116_1632
Mom on the 4th of July Me on the 4th of July
116_1650 116_1665
Fireworks on the 4th of July in DC My Grandmother and Frisky at a Summer Picnic
116_1666 116_1670
Frisky at a Summer picnic Ben Lee at the 9:30
116_1684 116_1693
Adam from Fountains of Wayne Swimming in Fall Creek Gorge
117_1706 117_1711
Fall Creek Gorge in the Summer Party at Matt's place in the Summer
117_1724 117_1726
Summer sunset at Cayuga Lake Matt at a BBQ in Stewart Park
117_1727 117_1735
Dan and Matt at Stewart Park for BBQ Dan and Erik in Ithaca over the Summer
117_1759 117_1761
Chris and Brian at Dump and Run Matt at Dump and Run
117_1762 117_1763
Matt and Janeen getting silly Brian Lowe
117_1771 117_1774
Boulder Scramble at Old Rag A tight squeeze on Old Rag
117_1777 117_1778
Obstacles at Old Rag The view from Old Rag
117_1781 117_1791
Dad at the summit of Old Rag Mary-Beth and Terry
117_1792 117_1795
Dan and Terry discussing intently Me and Dan celebrating 11/14
117_1797 117-1752_img
Terry and Me celebrating 11/14 Me at Old Rag's Summit
117-1754_img 118_1843
Dad and I hike Old Rag Joe, Sherry, and John (one of my newest relatives!)
118_1845 118_1864
Frisky looking regal Frisky dressed for the holidays
IMG_1808 IMG_1816
Blue Ridge Mountains around Charlottesville View From The Hotel at Night in Tulsa
The Doubletree Downtown in Tulsa