Watkins Glen State Park and Stewart Park

bridge wf5
Bridge overlooking Watkins Glen Meant for an inspirational poster ...
cayuga1 cayuga2
Cayuga's Waters Where we picniced!
e1 e2
Ed in Watkins Glen Ed, once again
ehorse1 ewf1
Ed can ride the carousel too! Ed in front of a waterfall
f4 f5
A bridge over a waterfall A curious waterfall indeed
f6 f7
Another waterfall Erosion at work
f8 f9
Better hope that rock doesn't fall ... Erosion, again
g1 g2
The gorge from above Throwing Rocks?  Great idea!
g3 g4
Calmer waters Quite the gorge you've got there ...
g5 rr
Not for those fearing heights They say you can't cross it ...
stonehole wf1
How did this happen? Pretty waterfall
wf2 wf3
This shot taken from behind the waterfall! Quite the postcard
We walked under this!