WVBR Party March 2003
Ed Cabic

carlossean cek
Carlos and Sean, making drink magic Carlos, Emily, and Katie
cj1 cj2
Peter and Jon Peter and John, planning the beer
pong attack
cj3 couple1
Peter and Jon again Two Happy Customers
dpek edkc
Dan, Peter, Emily, and Katie Emily, Dan, Katie, and Carlos
edmattsean eje
Ed, Matt, and Sean Ed, Josh, and Emily
ejpong emhappy
John and Ed, Beer Pong Champions Emily is victorious!
emily1 emkatie
Emily posing Emily and Katie
empong helpinghand
Don't mess with Emily and her
Beer Pong skills!
Lending a helping hand
jj1 johned1
Joslin and John John and Ed rule the Beer Pong Table
jonpose joshem
Jon Meer, or J. Crew ... you decide Josh and Emily, who knew?
joshsean joslin
Sports Directors current and future Joslin gives it one thumb up!
kdrew mattblink
Katie Matt, deep in thought
matted1 matted2
A little GM bonding Matt and Ed
mattsean partiedout
Matt takes a rest while Sean ponders
world peace
Josh, relaxing, a lot
peter pong1
Peter The crowds watch the beer pong
pong2 rich1
More beer pong Rich
thirsty victory
Thirsty? Victory at the pong tables!