WVBR Banquet Spring 2003
Ed Cabic

Photographs with a (J) were taken by Joslin, others taken by Ed
You can check out Mark's pictures here.

abby abed
Abby Abby and Ed
Cogen Cogen
Cogen can't get enough pounds (J) Cogen does some 151 (J)
Cogen Ed
Cogen Recuperates after the 151 (J) Ed and Joslin (J)
Ed Ed
Ed giving an emotional speech (J) Ed rocks on through the night (J)
edchampane edmatt
Ed and his bubbly Ed and Matt
Go Go
Josh, Dan, and Sean (J) More Josh, Dan, and Sean (J)
josh Josh
Josh, Stylin' and Profilin' Josh at the afterparty (J)
joslin Kev
Joslin gives the afterparty 2 thumbs up Kevin and Matt Crunch the Numbers (J)
Matt Matt
Matt and Ed (J) A little Exec bonding (J)
Matt Matt
Joslin and Matt (J) Matt goes for round 2 (J)
Matt, matt1
Matt after Round ... he lost count (J) Matt making a speech
matt2 mattdan
Matt wants you for WVBR Taking 2 for the team
Oops Rock
Oops (J) Partying can be fun ... (J)
seanjack tower1
Sean and Jack keep it real Ithaca from the WVBR Tower
tower2 tower3
A Tower Sunset The Sun sets over Ithaca
Wuddup Zan
Josh waves to the viewers at home (J) Dan, post 151 (J)
Zan Zan
Dan chases the 151 (J)  Dan takes a shot of 151 (J)