Vacation 2003 - Orlando
Ed Cabic

IMGP0289 IMGP0291
The Epcot geodesic dome Mission: Space at Epcot
IMGP0296 IMGP0297
Monorail track at Epcot Epcot Fountains
IMGP0300 IMGP0301
Epcot's Mexico Epcot's China
IMGP0302 IMGP0309
Boat shuttle in Epcot Epcot's Japan
IMGP0312 IMGP0314
Bellydancer and traditional Arabic singer in Epcot's Morocco Performers in Epcot's France
IMGP0321 IMGP0322
The Monorail in Epcot The Monorail in Epcot
IMGP0331 IMGP0334
The Epcot geodesic dome at night Epcot fountains at night
IMGP0336 IMGP0338
Me in front of the Epcot geodesic dome The World's Largest McDonald's
IMGP0339 IMGP0340
My hotel in Orlando The Monorail coming into the station
IMGP0341 IMGP0342
Inside the Monorail The Monorail
IMGP0343 IMGP0344
Lines for the Monorail Cinderella's Castle
IMGP0345 IMGP0346
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
IMGP0348 IMGP0353
Me at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Big Thunder Mountian Railroad
IMGP0354 IMGP0355
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Riverboat in Frontierland
IMGP0356 IMGP0359
Riverboat in Frontierland Me in front of Cinderella's Castle
IMGP0363 IMGP0364
Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom Space Mountain
IMGP0367 IMGP0376
Walt and Mickey at the Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle at Night
IMGP0398 IMGP0410
Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom Orlando Airport Terminal Train
IMGP0412 IMGP0416
Orlando Airport Terminal Train Orlando Airport Terminal Train
My plane to Fort Lauderdale in Orlando