Vacation 2003 - Cozumel, Mexico
Ed Cabic

IMGP0610 IMGP0611
View of the Pier in Cozumel Blue water in Cozumel ... see the bottom?
IMGP0613 IMGP0614
Michelle on the Paradise in Cozumel Me on the Paradise in Cozumel
IMGP0615 IMGP0616
Michelle and Me on the Paradise in Cozumel Our scuba tour guide from the pier
IMGP0617 IMGP0618
View of the Paradise and Norwegian Sun from the pier View from Punta Langosta
IMGP0626 IMGP0627
Across the street from my scuba dive site Allison! in Cozumel! What a coincidence!
IMGP0628 IMGP0629
Burger King in Cozumel Subway in Cozumel
IMGP0631 IMGP0636
Carlos & Charlie's Taxis outside the pier
IMGP0639 IMGP0640
Me outside Carlos & Charlie's Clouds lit by the setting sun of Cozumel
IMGP0641 IMGP0643
Inside Carlos & Charlie's looking out Wendy
IMGP0645 IMGP0646
Michelle and Wendy The bar at Carlos & Charlie's
IMGP0647 IMGP0649
Dancing near the bar at Carlos and Charlie's Me with a Yard of Mexican beer at Carlos & Charlie's
IMGP0650 IMGP0651
The "Yards" menu at Carlos & Charlie's Wendy and Michelle at Carlos & Charlie's
IMGP0654 IMGP0655
Dancing at Carlos & Charlie's Conga line at Carlos & Charlie's
IMGP0660 IMGP0661
Carlos & Charlie's Dancefloor A packed dance floor at Carlos & Charlie's
IMGP0663 IMGP0666
Wendy on the dance floor Michelle on the dance floor
IMGP0667 IMGP0669
Me all hot from dancing Wendy on the Pier