Vacation 2003 - Belize City, Belize
Ed Cabic

IMGP0447 IMGP0450
Aileen on our tender to Belize City The Carnival Paradise from our tender to Belize City
IMGP0451 IMGP0452
Dining at Cheers The Belizian Countryside near Cheers
IMGP0453 IMGP0454
More Belizian countryside near Cheers Our tour group eating lunch at Cheers
IMGP0455 IMGP0460
Me at Cheers Me about to head into the rain forest
IMGP0461 IMGP0462
Our journey into the rain forest begins Cave tubers under a cliff
IMGP0463 IMGP0464
Our tour guide A cliff in the rain forest
IMGP0465 IMGP0466
Into the rain forest Cave tubers about to ford the river
IMGP0467 IMGP0468
A Cave tuber lazily floating down river Cave tubers ford the river
IMGP0469 IMGP0471
In the caves Aileen in full Cave Tubing gear
IMGP0472 IMGP0473
Me in full Cave Tubing gear (notice my headlight) Taking a break near the rapids
IMGP0474 IMGP0477
Carrying the tube over land near some rapids In the Rain Forest
IMGP0479 IMGP0480
Cave Tubers disembarking A very happy Ed after Cave Tubing
IMGP0483 IMGP0484
Back in port at Belize City