Old Rag 2003
Ed Cabic

117_1765 117_1766
A Sylvan Setting   The Hike Begins  
117_1767 117_1768
The First of Many Boulders   More Rocky Terrain  
117_1769 117_1770
The Blue Ridge Mountains   More Boulders Along the Way  
117_1771 117_1772
The Path Gives Way to a Boulder Scramble Taking in the View for Lunch... Halfway Up
117_1773 117_1774
More Resting at the Halfway Point A Tight Squeeze
117_1776 117_1777
The Blue Ridge and Trail Blazes A Natural Staircase with a Boulder
(We Crawled Under It)
117_1778 117_1779
More Blue Ridge Mountains A Few More Mountains For You
117_1780 117_1781
The View from the Top Dad at the Summit
117_1782 117_1783
Dad and Clint on the way down A Tree Lined View
117-1752_img 117-1754_img
A Disheveled Me at the Top Dad and Me on the way down