An Evening at the Madhatter
Ed Cabic

IMGP0909 IMGP0912
Randy The evening at the Hatter begins
IMGP0913 IMGP0914
The crowd grows at the Hatter Conversations abound at the Hatter
IMGP0915 IMGP0916
A.J. must have a bitter beer ... Ed having fun
IMGP0917 IMGP0918
Deep in conversation Chris and Eric
IMGP0919 IMGP0920
Eric People having fun at the Hatter
IMGP0921 IMGP0922
Chris and Eric A.J. seems to have misplaced his beverage!
IMGP0923 IMGP0924
Jeff Ed
IMGP0925 IMGP0926
Eric and Ed Ed and a startled A.J.
IMGP0927 IMGP0928
Jeff and Ed A girl dancing on chairs ...
IMGP0930 IMGP0935
More dancing on chairs Even more dancing on chairs